Here's Why I love These 5 Tools

Tools Make Your Job Easier

top5    If you are Building anything, tools will make your job easier..

In tis post I will be talking about my 5 favorite tools

I use daily in my online business...



So many people has been asking me

"Hey Keder what are some of the tools i need to purchase to run my business online" 

Here are my answers for you...


Also Please Share with me in the comment of this blog, what are your top 5 tools to use 

so i can definitely look into them...



List Of My Top 5 Favorite Tools 

1. Aweber Autoresponder : My aweber account is growing in price that i pay monthly for it

but it's a good thing, because I make more from the list of people i'm cultivating in there

than i pay for it.


With An autoresponder, you will be able to build YOUR LIST to thousands and even millions

Of people you can get your offers infront of them.


Just imagine you have thousands of people you can send an email to daily

And put whatever you are products or services you are selling infront of them.




2. ClickFunnels: This is where you manufacture your sales process,

this one software will rock your world, allow any newbie to create capture pages, lead magnet, webinar, registration page and so on, in less than 5 mins

I don't know anything else like it, it's a BEAST of its own.


One cool thing you can do at time,

look for product funnels that are converting really high and duplicate it with CF

it's a process call FUNNEL HACKING in click funnels, really cool stuff.



3. WordPress: Having a Blog will definitely set you apart in your market.

By having the ability to produce FRESH daily contents

It attracts more people towards you...


Just think of it that way,

If you turn on to a TV show and they showing the same episode daily

would you keep watching?

more likely not...



4. Screenflow: This is a Screen recorder that allow you to video record your screen...

This tool comes very handy if you are making tutorials video for your team

or for your products...


I use this tool to create most of my trainings, from the ones that are Free to the ones

that are paid,

memberships sites training ect.



5. Imovie and Final Cut Pro

I know, I know, these mac programs,

If you have a pc you can use the Windows Movie Maker

The editor is not as amazing as Imovie and final Cut Pro but it can still do the job amazingly.




Clickmagic or Quality Click Control 

This tool allow me to track my campaign and see what's working best

Where my traffic is coming from,

which ads are converting better, so i can keep the ones that are doing great



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Thank you For Reading,
Please leave A Comment below if you found VALUE or have questions... 

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Posted on Jun 18, 2015 - Last updated on Jan 9, 2017
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