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Paycation Travel Training

Are you Struggling In Paycation? 

So many times we join a new company thinking that we have the most powerful product to promote, I can't wait to make the move to my family and friends... Come to find out after you joined, most of them aren't interested in your business, now you feel stuck. You can't really make money now because you don't really know how to drive traffic, capture leads and ensure conversions... I don't know how many times that happened to me in the past, until i was willing to learn how to market my online business...

What I'm going to teach you in the Video Below will equip you to Take Your Game in Paycation to the Next level, and start ranking these ranks with your team as you grow fast to your Bonuses...


Paycation Training, To Get Leads And Sales In Paycation

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What You Need To Step Your Marketing GAME up

    I'm going to share with you a process by which you can increase your leads flow, also increase your sales conversion 

by following the exact same strategies that i use to build multiple business in the past,
And it's proven to be working then and still working effectively today...


Understanding Funnel... 

A marketing funnel have 3 major components that's going to help you rack more cash...

1. Capture Mechanism 

  2. Filler Video 

  3. A sales Page 

  4. An Autoresponder with follow up Series 



How to Use The Funnel To Capitalize On Your Paycation Business? 

1. Capture Mechanism: In this area you want to have the ability to create and test more than one capture page, so you know what's converting best and where you should drive your traffic. Never just use the company capture page, because as the company grow you will have thousands of reps using the same pages a you, which lower conversion...


2. Filler Video: On this page, you always want to give your prospect a piece of your mind, specially if you are not the owner of the product you sending them and you are not featured in the sales video, in the case of paycation you will not be... If you are featured in the video then it's not a problem if you just use 2 Steps... 1 and 3


3. Sales Page: This is the easy part because it's most likely provided by the company that you choose to promote...


4. Autoresponder follow up Sequences: In this part, I usually provide my prospects with great information about Paycation, great Paycation training, i show them how to generate leads if they join paycation, i show them proof of others doing it also to ensure their beliefs...



Duplicate My Funnel: 

In the Paycation Training Above I show you how to duplicate my funnel...
so if you have a paycation business you would like the same strategies and follow up i use for your business
Feel Free to click the Link Below to Duplicate my Funnel...


Get in now yellow and blue

After you do so, test it out, If you have any questions or need any help
Connect with me on Facebook and I will be able to help you...





Keder Cormier... 





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Posted on Feb 25, 2015 - Last updated on Feb 25, 2015
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