most common mistakesThis is the Last quarter of year baby... And I was doing some thinking about you, Specifically how i can help CRUSH it pass the next level in these days and weeks left in the year.... 

    Everyday Opportunities are opening up their doors unto us, and every customers matter, so i wanted to remind you of a few things you can do to maximize your effort therefore expand your RESULTS to new Heights.



Why Spend Money In Advertising if You Don't Have a Brand 

  When Building a business online, most people would tell you that TRAFFIC is the life of your business, and the main key is to find every possible ways to get eye balls to your website. As much as this is true. One BIG Factor to understand is that people more likely to buy from a trusted brand than throwing their money at any piece of website they see online...

Before you go on a rampage, spending massive income on Facebook ads, and other advertising avenue, You want to make sure that you brand yourself and your business, so by the time that your prospects hit your website or your pages, he or she find herself in a whole new world that you control.

In my Last Training The Ultimate Cash Flow Process I talk about branding and how you can use it to maximize your income through the roof.



Afraid Of Asking For The MONEY...

No matter how good your offer is, regardless of how amazing and mindblowing your product is, if you are not willing to ask for the money and close the deal you will end up broke, with just a bunch of amazing knowledge.

Forget this whole thing about a product that sales itself. I have not seen one. Every product requires a process and someone to initiate the sale.... Even after you get good at setting up funnels for automation, you still need someone to initiate the traffic, also making sure through the funnel you do ask for the money.



The Biggest Cost in Business is Not Building a Customer LIST... 

Once a buyer is a buyer.

One of my twin daughters had ripped off the home button off my iPhone 6 plus, which was brand new of less than 6 months, but yesterday i got an email from apple with them having a special deal on my phone upgrade which is the iPhone 6S plus, So I rush up to the store and bought it. I thought about it, I have previously owed the Iphone 4, 5, 5s, 6plus, now 6plus S.

The reason now I end up with this new phone that cost me $600 is because I am on the store list and they let me know of specials they have... Establish the same thing in your business so you can win... Build a list of customers...



If you going to build an online business think about building an empire... If you going to sell products online, also learn how you can create and sell high ticket products which will make a big difference in your income.

Yesterday Sunday I had one sale that brought 8K in revenue even though only half of it is profit but it's still good...

Big Sunday Check











Apply these tips in your business and you will soon be wining and crushing...




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Posted on Nov 9, 2015 - Last updated on Nov 9, 2015
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