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This is the Last Day You Will Hear from me  In 2014 !!!! 🙂 

But as I'm seating here thinking and making plans for 2015
I want to take the time to say "THANK YOU"  

Thank you because you have been there for me this whole Year

For that, I want to give back to you...

I want to share with you some SECRETS that have helped me
Have a Good Year in 2014...

To Tell You the Truth
In the Beginning of 2014 I was STUCK in my business
I don't know if you ever have that feeling

"You know you can do more, you know you deserve more money, you know you deserve more vacation
you know you deserve more time with your love ones"
but whatever that you do, you feel like you can't get over the hump "You Feel STUCK" 

If you are there right now "Keep reading"  

So I decided to write down my goal at the beginning of the year
Using a Formula Inside of the Think and Grow Rich Book call
"The Major Definite Purpose and Self-Confidence Formula"

It was still March, I still wasn't getting to my Goal... But I keep saying the formula Daily

My Goal Was
- to create My Own Vision, 
- Inspire a specific group of 500 people to believe in themselves, 
- Make My first 500K on the Internet 
- Drive my dream car (Lamborghini) 
- Go on at least 5 vacations in the year 
- Speak on stage to inspire other Entrepreneurs

In April I had a Major BREAKTHROUGH 

Something Click "the reason I was not reaching my goals was because I Was Fighting my FEARS and timing is a FACTOR"
What i realize, in order for you to reach your goals you have to be working towards them...

If your goal is to make a 6 figure income online
you have to be working an online business

If your goal is to lose weight
You have to be at the gym or dieting right

"There is no Success without Effort... " 

From January to April I keep working my butt off
Not Being afraid of the work, but at time i was confuse as heck to when my Luck is gonna be here...
Yeah i said Luck "Because  the people who work hard are the ones who get lucky"

In March I find out my wife was pregnant and expecting TWIN GIRLS,  Cormier twins
that expanded my dream a lot bigger now
In April i started this new project...
I woke up every single day and block out every noise then go to work
Using a Specific strategy, I was able to bring in 800 people in 2 months in that Company
using Facebook, Youtube, Instagram n BLogging all FREE (which i'm teaching in the Buffet this year)

In June I got Invited to a Mastermind in Vegas
And my car for the week-end was a 2014 Lamborghini Gallardo

IN July I traveled to NY to see family, same month to Canada, Miami and Boston for vacation

IN September i got to speak on stage at a company event and inspire hundreds...
Build a team of leaders and others who believe in themselves and their vision

Why I'm Telling you all this?

I want to help you understand right before you get your breakthrough
You will face some moments of big Confusion and even the temptation to QUIT

But Don't Quit, Find something to Motivate you daily
Create a daily action plan,   Get a COACH (Someone who have the results that you want)
and take massive action even if the results are not here yet,

I can almost guarantee you if you stay in the GAME
You will always WIN...


My Goal in 2015 is TO GIVE... 
"I want to give more than i ever give in my whole entire life" 
 I want to give more money to church, family, friends, taxes and charitable cause
 I want to give more to the market place, products, training, tools, ideas, 6 figure earners 
 I want to give more to you, HOPE, EXAMPLE, GROWTH, FAITH, N WAYS TO WEALTH

"The More you Give, The Richer You become but it takes work to GIVE you have to have" 

The universe work that way, i don't know why...

So with that being said


Hope you had a great 2014 let's make 2015 ten times greater  

~Keder Cormier 
  Your Friend...

what's your goal for 2015?
comment Below

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Posted on Dec 31, 2014 - Last updated on Jan 17, 2015
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