Video Marketing To Get More Traffic 

In the business world if you want to get more traffic with sales

you have to create a message that is compatible with your target audience.

A Video that solve their problems, uplift them, motivate them, give value, something of importance to the viewers.


Video Marketing Tips 

In The video below I share with you some of the most powerful video marketing tips you can use right now inside of your video marketing.

The main key is to have a target audience in mind,

then you shoot the video with these video marketing advice in mind.

video marketing


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Here's my 4 Pillars Take On Video Marketing 

1. Lighting and HD 

When shooting your video you want to get a good lighting, my first recommendation is to go with natural lighting because it's the cheapest you don't have to worry about paying for it.

If you are not like me; living in Florida where the sun shines daily

Maybe you live in an area where the sun doesn't come out often or your room is not well lighten

I recommend getting some lights from Amazon, You Click Here to Get the ones I use from the video below (not too expensive)


 2- High Definition: Because the better the quality of your video the better retention you get from youtube and other major video platform

Just make sure to set your option for Hd Upload if you are using a phone

Or any other video making device.


3- Have a Subject and Target in Mind 

Whenever you are making a video you want to define your purpose,

one question i sometimes ask myself before i shoot a video is "WHY AM I shooting THIS VIDEO"

That way you become very clear to why you are connecting with your audience.


4- Related tags Search 

Google has a tool call the google keyword planner, I have been using that for years

but if you need to do it really fast without going to much in details of how much traffic search terms are getting monthly

you can just rely on the search engine to give you related terms and keywords.


I love using these video marketing strategies daily in my business.

 Watch this Video For Video Marketing Tips 


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Posted on May 27, 2015 - Last updated on May 27, 2015
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