Stop Your Procrastination? 

I know that's the question that you have, so let's address it on how you can fight this disease. Procrastination only exist because you know what you want, so you are ahead in that department of knowing what you want, clap yourself for that. ūüôā
The hard part is that most people know what they want and most of the time find out how to get there, but let procrastination stop them from getting there…

So you go started in an online business. You know there are some things you going to need to be doing if you are going to be successful, but you fall in that making excuses category where you start PROCRASTINATING about the same thing you know that's going


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How to Stop Procrastination In Your Online business 

You seating in front of the computer, you know you have a business to run, but you feel stuck and say let you refresh your mind. You go on Facebook, before you know it you are looking at a motivation post from a friend, a notification comes through someone else tag you in a picture, which you go and like, while you liking that picture you see this cool girl or guy, went on their profile, now you watching this funny video and watch 5 mores videos, before you know it you already killed 5 hours of your time…


In the meanwhile you know the action you must take; if you going to stop procrastination in your business, but you are still being reluctant and hoping for the best.


If you are procrastinating in your Online business I want you to know that you are not the only one, I use to be the same way until i made the conscious decision to treat this disease…


I came up with 4 POINTS of relevancy to keep in mind In DESTROYING PROCRASTINATION


1. Remember Time is the Precious Asset you have: 

"You can always make more money but you can never make more time"

When you spending your time procrastinating on the action that you know you need to take, ask yourself this question "is the way that I'm spending my time right now helping me accomplishing my goal? if it's not then Stop Procrastinate and get back work on what you truly want.


2. Prioritize Your Time: 

There's a time for thinking and a time to take action, Don't let your overanalytical nature win, specially when we are new to a certain environment or training, sometimes we tend to want to spend most of the time learning but when it's time to take action, we develop the fear through the mindset of Perfection… we want the results to be perfect so therefore we take no action..

"Imperfect action is always better than perfect Inaction"


3- Daily Action Plan and GOAL: 

All successful people has an action plan as a daily guide to follow to create small daily action which lend to the Magnitude of Results after they are taken consistently.

Even when you start to become successful in your business, you can get to stage where you are slacking or get confuse of what you should do today or you get derailed from the track, the best way to find your track back is to have a daily action that you can follow…


    FOCUS: Follow Once Course Until Succeed…. 


When you can concentrate your energy daily in taking small actions towards your BIG Goal

One day your BIG Goal will be here in a snowball effect from the actions



4. Time Frame Your Goal

Make sure your goals are time bound so that you are not giving yourself excuses such as "I have tomorrow, i'll do it later" That is why if your action is daily you can't count on tomorrow, because you have something to check yourself against at the end day…


It's easy to be an employee because anyone can make your schedule for you, you just responsible to follow it, but when you are running your own online marketing business, you make your own schedule, you know when to start and when to start.


My Experience With Procrastination 


The Ultimate Cure for Procrastination is to TAKE ACTION 


Behind your action is a SMILE because it will land you the results that you are looking for but behind your procrastination are the feelings of failure, deception and regret. 

If you want to overcome procrastination in your online business make sure you take massive action as if your life depended on it.


Create a Daily action plan for your Online business…


My Daily Action consist of: 


1. Making one video a day

2. Write one blog post

3. Syndicate video and blog posthow to stop procrastinating

4. Get at least 30-50 leads daily

5. Send out an email to my subscribers list

6. Establishing New Connections Every Day for your business 


Sometimes i have more or less action points

this is some example juts to show you my daily action plan,

Sometimes, i do more.


The one thing that i know, when i follow my daily action plan consistently it bring amazing massive results.








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Posted on Oct 21, 2014 - Last updated on Oct 21, 2014
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  1. Claude says:

    Soooooo True! Awesome post Keder! Great tips and a lot of value! Thanks for sharing!

  2. That #2 ‘Prioritize Your Time’ is for real… and your DMO is right on! Thank you for putting this out there!

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