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Know What You Get For Being Lazy

Most of the time you get no results, no money, no love, no respect, no smile, no appreciation, no acknowledgement. All the good things you want in life, more likely if you are lazy they will not come your way. Laziness is a disease most people don't look to treat, but if you going to produce results you want to know how to get over being lazy and get what you want.

Here's a Current Working Prescription to Fight Laziness 


1. Have A Plan: If you don't know where you going life will take you anywhere and i can guarantee you 99% of the time is not a pleasant destination. Create a daily plan by having a planner, don't let the day make you, but make the day. Let it know what you have in plan for it today, that way if you get interfered or deterred from your track you can always look at your daily plan and know what you need to do.


2. Cut The Crap: most of the time laziness will make you fill up your day with unuseful stuff. The way to evaluate yourself is to look at your every activities you carry out in your day and ask yourself what profit is this bringing me. I use to love playing video games. Except the pleasure of whopping my friends butt or some online players in some far away countries i realized i was getting really no reward but just that rushed feeling which is not cashable or get me any closer to my dream, so I gave away my PS4 and XBOX. Watching TV, the news, or just plaining watching funny videos on Facebook or Youtube won't get you closer so cut them loose and replace with activities that will get your closer, after you do so you will feel energized.


3. Be Aware of Who you HANG with: LAZINESS is a contagious disease. If your friends are lazy, guess what's going to happen NEXT. It will catch on to you. If you are hanging around with people who doesn't have goals, who doesn't want to go higher, your best remedy is to upgrade and change circle. Look for the people with passion and ambition in whatever you are trying to accomplish a higher level of success in.


4. Fight Laziness with Action: If you seat back relax you will stay in that stage forever, whatever you don't want you have the ability to change it because you are not a tree. Make it a goal to become an action oriented person. Ask yourself this question: "What Can I Do today to get closer to my dream and fulfilling my destiny" . Whatever you come up with Go Do it.


Formula to remember:
When You Stop Being Lazy SUCCESS is soon to follow




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Posted on Jan 4, 2016 - Last updated on Jan 4, 2016
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