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Entrepreneurs are some of the most distracted people because of all the great ideas they receive daily, but in order to become a real successful entrepreneur it requires intense focus.


1. Take Control Of Your Day 
Understand that you make the day, not the other way around. By stating and noting in the morning what your day is going to look like, what you going to accomplish today and where you going to put your focus, you more likely to stay on track and if you derailed you can easily get back on track by going to your daily action plan.


2. Take The Challenge 
I have always heard people say "Do the things you love and you will be successful" What a dumb statement... most successful people that i know do stuff that challenge them to grow, they don't necessary have to love it. When you are doing stuff you are not familiar with it requires you to increase your Focus, therefore help you get to the next Level. Do the things that challenge you.


3. Learn To Say NOOOOOO
O boy this is a BIG One. I know i had struggled with that one quite a bit, learning how to say NO to others, or distractions causing by outside influences wether it's the media, social media, or people. If you don't create your own agenda you will find it difficult to tell people NO, because you have nothing going on yourself. For Example " I had a few friends who works all week for the week-end, and they would call me up ... Hey Keder it's the week-end let's go party bro... but kindly i said I have a coaching webinar tonight, i'm too busy making my life the one party i want to attain...


4. Exercise 
Exercise both your mind and body... they both work together to help you reach your Goal of staying focus as an Entrepreneur. Working on the body with physical exercise takes a push effort, schedule your workouts for the week... Increase the muscles of the mind through reading, meditation, doing task. Develop your hustle muscle by keeping on your GRIND.


5. Become a Reader 
Chuck up every bit of knowledge that you can find about field. The more knowledge and understanding that you have in your area of expertise the easier it gets for you to focus on your Task and Goals... As your Level of wisdom increase, the less you will find yourself impacted by outsider's distraction.


6. Time Yourself 
Remember you have 24hours in the day, and every day we all get the same amount of time to work on whatever we choose to dedicate our time to. The real key comes in prioritizing and breaking your day in time sections. I break mines down in hourly task, and try to push as much task as possible in every hour to make the most of that hour.


Use these Tips To stay Focus my Friend.




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Posted on Nov 2, 2015 - Last updated on Nov 2, 2015
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