consistency wins


The main Demon that most Entrepreneur faced: The Test of time

If you gonna win, you have to be there for the LONG HAUL,

And if you gonna be there longterm you have to understand

"How To Stay Consistent with your Online Business" 


The First Step in establishing Consistency in anything is DECIDING
You have to make a decision that I'm going to be Consistent regardless of me not seeing results right away.  Always know through consistency something is going to take place, no matter how long it takes to get here, it is the law of nature.


A DECISION without a Plan of action is just as ineffective as not deciding at all. After you decide "I'm Gonna win in my online business, I don't give a freak 🙂 what it cost" come up with a DAILY PLAN OF ACTION. I give one copy of mine to each one of my students in the KC 6 Figures Coaching. Not only to track your day, but also one for your week and your month.


On my plan of action, I fill it up with things that I need to get done for the day. Let me give you a few examples, Like today this is what my day is going to look like unless God makes some type of changes to it.

1. Read Bible and Pray for 30mins

2. Read A book for 30 mins (right now I'm reading sell or be sold by Grant Cardone)

3.  Wrote and Send an email out to one of my database of clients

4.  Write, publish and promote this blog post you reading now

5.  Go to the gym and workout

6.  Send a content email to my coaching class

7.  Make a 5 mins Video

8.  Spend time with wife and my twins daughters

9. Meeting with my business partners


These are just examples of what my action plan looks like on a simple day so you can formulate your own...



Most people find if hard to stay consistent
because they don't know what the heck they are doing on a daily basis...
For those that have created an action plan that's amazing,
But still be aware of the BIG DREAM killer that will haunt you even after you have a PLAN..


Procrastination is said to be the biggest dream killer of all time, because the people who procrastinate they already know what they need to do to get the results they want to have in their online business but they let FEAR, EXCUSES and LAZINESS take over. The only way to cure all 3 at once is to take Actions.



Last Key: Write down Your Goals Daily

No matter where you are right now, whether you are just beginning, or slightly successful or massively successful, the one thing that will keep you pushing is your goals. By making it a habit to revise them daily, you will always know that in order for you to reach them something's gotta give, that's going to propel you to take action and move forward.



If this help you leave a comment below,
or if you have any questions... let me know


Have A Great Day...
Keder Cormier...


Posted on Oct 19, 2015 - Last updated on Oct 23, 2015
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