Being Online for the last 3 years, I can tell you what i love the most
is the ability to work once and get paid over and over again without having
to pull much strings...

If I was offered to make one sale of $500 one time, vs someone buying
a tool, or something that is very much necessary to run their business long term
Where i would get a monthly residual commission, I would rather the residual commission...

In this blog I'm gonna show you how I build Residual Income, also
You can model after it and create your own passive Income...
I have used the same strategy to build over $6000 in residual INCOME...

So Pay Attention... 


Aweber Affiliate Program

Aweber is an email autoresponder provider that helps business owners with storing
customer's list to which they can email them at any time for future communication
purposes... They offer a great affiliate continuity program where you make 30% of
what your referred customer monthly bill is...

Aweber offers you $1 Trial, to which your commission the first time is $0.30
But it's no worries the next month as your referal start growing their list
Your commission check will get HUGE...

aweber commissions


Just think about it,
At first you might not understand how powerful just that 30% is
In making that residual income, but the cool thing with aweber is,
As the customer grow their list, they charge them more,
Imagine if build a list up to paying $3000 per month, you literally just give yourself $300 raise...

Get more info on aweber affiliate program here... 




Click Funnels Affiliate Program 

This is one of the newest tool that i use in my business, and it's going viral as the
new marketing tool suite that all marketers need...

Click Funnels allow marketers to build every types of funnel from simple to the most
complicated funnel for capture pages, landing pages, product hosting, membership site,
webinar, autowebinar, produtc launch, and so much more.... it's the ULTIMATE solution...

I have been promoting Click Funnels for about 4 months and they pay you
40% commission on a monthly residual basis which is great passive income...

Clicks Funnel 388.00 dollars

For you to become an affiliate with click funnels
You have to be a customer which you can get an account for FREE 
for 14 days, but I'm sure you gonna love it, it's my favorite tool for this year...



Marketing Training Buffet Affiliate

The Marketing Training Buffet is my own product, that i host on Jvzoo,
which you can also become an affiliate of and get 50% commission on every sales
That you make...

Since this is a residual monthly program, You also will get a monthly residual income
From being an affiliate of it, whenever you make a sale.
In this product I teach people how to do marketing from Craigslist, to Facebook, Instagram,
Blogging, Youtube, Teespring ect...

As people always want to increase their marketing skills, you get to make money off them
purchasing the membership site for 9 months...

Jvzoo sales 5 sales




I could have just told you how to make Residual Passive Income Online
But in this blog i use 3 examples of programs that i use to demonstrate
my point, But the whole key is to have continuity programs that will keep paying you...


that's how I love it...





Thank you For Reading,
Please leave A Comment below if you found VALUE or have questions


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Posted on Apr 5, 2015 - Last updated on Apr 5, 2015
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