First How Do we categorize Affiliate Marketing?

When I first came online i was confuse to with the terms, wether to chose affiliate marketing,
network marketing, or internet marketing. Although these terms are use interchangeably
but the person who actually use and practice that specific field would know where they belong...
It's almost like calling a Mexican, a Puerto-rican, a Cuban and someone from Spain, Spanish because they all speaks the same language...

Trust me if you try that around them they will let you know they are not the same... 🙂

In the Category of affiliate marketing, you more talking about people who sells Amazon Produtcs,
Jvzoo Products, Click bank Products, just to name a few...

This Business model, where it's all about plugging the right customers to the right items...




How Do you Become and Affiliate Marketer?

First you going to take care of the easy part...
Most of these places I'm going to give you will allow you to become an affiliate for FREE
Where you get access to thousands of product and services provided by a person or a company...
There's a huge List you can use, but the most popular ones and the one that i use are...

For more websites like my top 5 up there,
Go to

Once you go to these websites above, Sign up as affiliate
so that you can have access to get specific coded links to the offers you chose to promote,
in order for you to get your commission.



What You Need To Know When Choosing An Offer To Promote?

Choosing the right offer is based on many different factors,
You can experiment with more than one offers that is based on the niche
That you chose to market the product into...

You want to look at the numbers to see how the offer is already doing
How many other affiliates are promoting it,
How fast will they pay you, and how much money you make...

I go in more details with this in my Marketing Training Buffet Course


The Commission Break Down

Let's say for example, You find this offer that's going to pay you $55 commission
as it is the median commission payout for most products,
And another offer that's paying you 25% commission, Which offer would you promote?

Well obviously most people would go for the $55 commission one,
But what i want you to have in mind,
Is to consider all factors of your decision...

What if the offer that's paying you 25% commission is a 1K price offer?
You would end up walking away with $250 in commission
Which is about 4 times the first commission... lol 🙂


The Marketing Aspect?

This is where a lot of people get stuck...
Ok you got approved, you got your offer of choice, you got your links
How do you get traffic to the offer and make sales?

The First Place, I recommend is Facebook
But if you don't know the Paid strategies to use Facebook Traffic
You can loose your money Fast...

The key to increase your profits with affiliate marketing
is to be able to drive massive quality traffic to the right offer...
The reason Facebook is so perfect for this is because it gives your specific details
About your potential prospect through targeting...


I have many modules inside of the buffet to teach you
Step by step how to create your ads, place them
And increase your profits with affiliate marketing...






Thank you For Reading,
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Posted on Apr 5, 2015 - Last updated on Apr 5, 2015
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