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How to get people to buy stuff from you

When marketing your product online this principle will come in play when it comes to getting people to buy stuff from you.
This I'm going to share with you is from my own experience...
It's easy to sell to people when you can get connected to WHY They want your service instead of what is your service...

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What you need to get people to buy from you?

-Establishing follow communication
First you need a way to communicate with people, but before you can do that you need to have their information, that is where capture page coming to play...
Wait to capture paGe You have the ability to ask them for their name, phone number,  email ect... That will allow you to have constant communication with them at any time.

You need an Autoresponder...

By having an autoresponder it allows you to communicate with all your prospects that can buy from you all at once, with the push of a button they can receive live emails or pre-written email from you...
The main key is to be giving them value about your product, and how it can help them to get to their why...
Educating Your Future buyers 
Most market is just want to get the sale, but when you can educate your future buyers into what they are buying they more likely can make an educated decision... That's going to make a big difference between your conversion rate.
The more you can concentrate on why they need your product and how it will be beneficial to their life easier it is for them to give you that money, because they can see the value in what they are painful....
How do you structure the buying process?
You want to structure the buying process in a way that your prospect can have a sampler or what to expect...
You don't want to give them all your information right up front.
If you're selling a tools set maybe you can showcase one of the tool, showed them the power in that tool and the ability of using it.
Now the next thing you need to do is create positive expectancy from the rest of the tools in your toolsuite...

Get People to Buy stuff from you

It is a true fact that people buy from people they trust n like ... your goal should never be to sell them on the first time you meet them...
Get connected with your Why a their Why Then relate to how your product can connect them to their big goal.
Once they buy into your vision, they understand the goal, they understand how your product can help them get to their why, it becomes not even a matter of selling anymore but of sharing...

No Product sell itself, Know Your Stuff

If your plan is to help someone understand why your product can help them get to their why they chose to have a business, you need to know your stuff, so learn what's in your Product, but Most importantly learn yourself and how can you relate to that person, how you can help that person see your vision....





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Posted on Aug 18, 2014 - Last updated on Aug 18, 2014
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