The People is Your Business 

If you are running any type of business you must understand that the people is your business 

How to get more people buying your products

Not the actual products or companies that you are a rep or owner of.

Your main advantage is to understand your audience you serve better than the products you sell.


And I'm going to share with you how to do that...


What You are Producing Vs What You Are Selling

You need to understand the difference between what you are producing and what you are selling. 

Know the difference between your offer and what it can do for your clients...

Keeping in mind that most people buys a feeling (what it would do for them) 


To become an effective marketer, you want to position your product experience high

By marketing both, the emotional and the monetary value of it.


For Example: One of my friend Chris has a very successful business that teaches people how to trade binary options

But when I ask him to describe his business in one word:



He's main focus is to help others understand the art of trading

to create a LIFESTYLE of Freedom, cash flow, and independence.



Become and Place Yourself As an EXPERT 

People love to buy from people that knows what they are doing.

I'm sure if you wanted to go to get a surgery done

You would want the best doctor with experience right?

The same goes for your business...


You can leverage the way that you deliver your product

and take it an extra step....

Look at what 95% of your competitors or colleagues are doing, and take it further...

Leverage, blogs, videos, audios, ebooks, books, paid advertising, free advertising to get your message to your potential customers.


When I first started in my online business

One of my mentor Jermaine said "Hey Keder you can double your business by making videos"

I was getting a lot of leads and business just by posting Craigslist ads.

but I listened to him and started to make videos, before i know it my channel started to grow daily and getting new customers from video marketing...


If you can make videos for your business

I highly encourage making one a day for 90 days, the rest will be history...


Gain the Skills through practice and your results will do the talking for you...


Get Testimonials 

People don't just want to hear from you about your service and your product

They know you will have nothing but good things to say about it, only make sense right...


When was the last time you went and bought something that your friend told you it was amazing?

wether it was your last restaurant meal or a new pair of Jordan, maybe the new iPhone

If you hear friends and other people are raving about it, it crosses your mind to go check it out, and soon you will...


Whenever you get a chance to put together a group of students

Or people you work with be sure to ask for testimonials or if they send you testimonials

take a screenshot, or save the videos...


Word of mouth still stand today one of the most effective way for marketing

Specially when it's your customers who are making the word goes around.


which lead into my next Advice



Perceived Value 

Ever heard of this term

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

Well it's true...

It's the same reason why houses that were brought half a million dollars last year are worth only a quarter million this year.

Perceived value... 


Be Sure to keep increasing your value by investing in you and your product growth.

Also remember, perceived credibility MUST be followed by actual delivery  and quality

or else you will be shooting yourself in the foot.


Get More People To buy from you using these 5 Keys above... 

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Posted on May 29, 2015 - Last updated on Jun 3, 2015
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