Let me share with You A New Powerful Formula to Get Traffic 

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     Lately many people been asking me about what's going on in my world of Internet Marketing...

I have quietly been working on a new course call the Celebrity X Factor Formula 

In which i show you a way of getting traffic, Leads, and conversion that's pretty cool...

Watch this Video As I talk about Traffic A Little BIT

Why Do you Want To Pay Less For Traffic? 

In many cases getting the cheapest traffic is not always the best if you are not getting conversion

Not in this case of the celebrity x factor formula 

I show you a formula that not only getting your traffic for very cheap, but the traffic is targeted towards your offer through a process call Bridge Marketing 

The more you understand your Target audience the easier you can make your transition...


For Example, in the ad below I was targeting an audience that loves luxury Cars

Through a video ad that i happened to be driving a Lamborghini in that VIDEO,

So it all make sense to them... they are already compelled to what they love...

Traffic at 2 cents a clicks

As you can See, Facebook base your clicks base on how many people
Actually watch your video or engage with it on a ratio of shows...

The more people they show you video to
And the more of them has interest in what your content
the less your ad will cost you...

Like in this ad here I'm getting 37 clicks for $1
That's pretty bananas

Here's What You Going To Need To Have A successful Campaign... 

Buzz: You need something that has a lot of buzz going on around it right now...

Capture Page: You need to be able to give your prospect something of importance or entertainment in exchange for their info

Funnel: You need a full complete funnel, with capture page (lead magnet) landing page, autoresponder with follow ups.

Targeting: you need to understand your target audience

Bridge: You need to be able to create a bridge between what you offer for free and what they need to buy from you...

If you can figure out all these steps you are good to go in becoming successful with this method.

Or you can just learn from step by step at The Celebrity X Factor course 

As i go in every details for each specific subject.

How To Monitor Your Results... 

Marketing is all about tracking and tweaking,

If you are not able to track your numbers you will lose a lot of money

Not knowing what's working and what's not working...


For example on this campaign I was loosing money at first

Because I was sending all my traffic to a rotator link which had 3 capture page

but once i found out the one that was converting the most.


I took the others ones out and keep only the ad that's converting...

Here's an example of how it affect my result from Thursday to Friday...
















The whole power is in the ability to get traffic

And geared the traffic towards offers you think might be good

base on similar interest of your list.


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Thank you For Reading,
Please leave A Comment below if you found VALUE 


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Posted on May 12, 2015 - Last updated on May 12, 2015
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  1. I really appreciate that you’re putting the exact formula out there, that helps you convert the numbers that you convert. This is really fantastic. especially the details in the first part. Thanks 🙂

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