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Being in business for yourself is fun, amazing, and rewarding when you are getting BIG Commissions. If you are only making small commission that can barely takes care of the business expenses you will get to the point where you feel that it's not worth it for you to put in all that work and get so little in return.

So in this post let's learn a few pointers to get bigger commission.


1) Bigger commission actually starts in your head... If you going to get bigger pay you have to make a decision that you deserve more and you want bigger, better than what you are getting right now. Don't allow your negative history to predict your future.

2) Develop a Positive attitude towards Customers... Your potential clients are willing to pay more for a better attitude than a perfect product. Understanding that people don't really buy for the product itself but for how the product makes them feel, and if you add your intense appreciation to that you can increase the value of any product that you are selling.

3) Overpromise and Overdeliver... I hear people usually use the term "to under promise and over deliver" I'm totally against it. If you under promise people won't take you too seriously because they want to go BIG, noone wants to go small, so go out with a BANG, over promise and over deliver.


4) Increase Your Price... Once you qualify for the first 3 pointers just be willing to increase your price. People will pay you because they know you will treat them the best, you will have an attitude that they will miss out on if they don't buy from you. Although they can go somewhere else and get the same product for half price less they rather get it from you instead.


The Mechanical par of Getting BIGGER COMMISSION

-You going to need a High Ticket Product... Something that cost thousands but also deliver massive value unto your customer. That product is going to allow you to make bigger commission than just an average product... in my kc 6 figures class you can learn how to use this product to create big commission 


-Funnel Your Clients: Some people are not willing to jump of the cliff with you just yet... that's ok. Be sure to accomodate to their needs right now while you help them climb the top of the cliff then there show them your next stage, which is going BIG.


Use That and start Crushing it my friend...
here are some example of BIG Commissions i made this month using the same formula I teach 

Big Sunday Check












111K paypal










I hope this helps you go crush it and make more money...
Have a great day






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Posted on Nov 16, 2015 - Last updated on Nov 16, 2015
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