Update Your Facebook Training with this... 

FREE Likes = Free Money 
But HOW?
Here's HOW...
After getting Massive Results Last Year In my Business

Using the Facebook Platform, I wanted to take it to the NEXT Level This YEAR


So Before the End of year was here, I locked myself in some amazing Facebook Training...

Using the same formula I'm sharing with you today



I was able to Build Massive Fan Pages in the 60,000 Likes Quick

Which i taught my students inside of the Marketing Training Buffet Coaching

and they are duplicating the same results.



I decided, it's time for me to show others

How you can have a Fast Run This Year With their Online Business, and Massive FUN


If you anything like me, you try to do Facebook FREE marketing

Posting in facebook Groups, Spamming your links on your friends wall,

inboxing people about your business

to  find out, although these method do work to some degree, but they are annoying,

risky, and saturates quick.


I'm Going To Give You One FREE Training HERE ABOUT FACEBOOK ADS


1- Set Up A 5 NICHE FAN Pages

For Niche Ideas You Can Go, Amazon, Clickbank,

your Local Barnes & Nobles)


2- Grab 2 picture that's related to your Audience

Go to Google get a profile pic Size

(180 x 180)and a cover page (851 x 315)


3- Let's run some ADS 

Running ads on Fb is easy if you do it right...


For .0 cent likes: 

-Create ad For Post BOOST

-Choose Your ad Picture

-Chose Your Location of Target (recommended 2 countries)

-Choose Your Target Audience



Facebook is amazing when it comes to targeting 


You are able to Get Really Specific

from the person's Age, Places they like,

job, places they live, where they go on vacation, what book they are reading,


The Reason You get 0.00 cent Like: 

The more specific you can get down your audience to be

the less your cost per click becomes...



SO Create A Custom Avatar,

But Instead of Giving all the Person's features on the Initial AD

Give it to Facebook in the course of the NEXT 3 days


And Watch your Cost per likes goes down to .0


The Thing With Facebook is,

The more specific you can be, the more they reward you


So if they show your ads to 1000 people and over

300 people like your page,




So when You Update your Ads,

Facebook is more in Your Favor NOW


Cancel out the other ads,

And Duplicate the ads that Facebook is Showing Love to...


-FOR 0.1 - 0.02 cent Engagement 

Engagement is very important for you and Facebook,

The more You Can Get People To Interact with Your Content

The more Facebook will rewards you with cheap CPE (cost per engagement)


You Can Improve Your Cost Per Engagement by Going back and Reply also Like

The feedback that you are getting from your audience.

In Case this task get tedious, go to places like Odesk and hire a Virtual Assistant.


Having a Virtual assistant for very cheap will clear your time

While you have more time to craft more offers for your audience.



- FOR .01 Cent Clicks

One Cent clicks is another BEAST of his own.

When ever you are promoting anything you want to capitalize and build your list.

That's where marketing For clicks are very important


But how to you get them for cheap?

I address that in the full training in my marketing training buffet course... 

Be sure to get in there...


I believe with this information you can make an amazing income

For yourself and your family.




Thank you For Reading, Please leave A Comment below 


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  To Your Freedom


Posted on Jan 8, 2015 - Last updated on Jan 17, 2015
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