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How to Find A Million Idea?

If you was to  ask most people what do you want out of life? You will find many different answers, but if you ask most people Income wise where do you want to be in life, the answer is usually i want to be a millionaire. Yet most people overlook or thrown away the same factor that will make them a millionaire... An Idea of Service or a product of Service. 

You don't have to wait for 2015 for you to start generating the root of all millions, an Idea...
I'm not sure if you ever watch the movie Inception... But it shows you how an idea is so powerful
Born in the mind of a mind, can change the world, cure diseases, create war, eliminate famine and make millions..


How To Find A Million Dollar Idea Video

-Ideas Originate from Thinking

Don't get too busy for you not paying attention to the ideas that God places inside of you, they are are there for a reason.... And the fastest way for you to get connected to you ideas is to be registering them down on paper, not trusting your mind to keep all your ideas stored...

Take some times to do some thinking of where you want to be, what's going to take you there, how can you make it happen, Ask yourself questions and find solutions to specific problems..


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 -Don't Let go Of Your Ideas

Have you ever seen something you thought about doing, but you never took action on it, and low and behold you see someone else accomplished the same idea that you probably had in you mind way before that person came to existence, That's how the universe work, what has to take place will take place...

If an idea is given to you but you do not carry it out, someone else will take the same idea and carry it out there...


-It might not be the Right time but Save YOUR Idea 

Along the same side, sometimes we are blessed with ideas that is for a future time, it might not be the right time for your idea this year, this month, this week, this day but be sure to save it somewhere close, so when the right time comes you are not in guessing mode looking for that one million dollar idea.


-Your VISION Is Giving To You To Carry OUT

Don't wait for someone else to understand your million dollar idea in order for you to take action on it. Just go out there and take massive action toward that idea and the people who needs to fit in it will follow to fall right in place...


-Don't Let Negative People Destroy YOUR IDEA

Your surrounding is very important when you are entrusted with big Ideas. You never want to be around people who constantly doubt you or your ideas, who speaks negatively about your process for success.
Look for a group of people who are just as passionate as you for what they want out of life and proceed to the next with those people...





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Posted on Dec 1, 2014 - Last updated on Jan 17, 2015
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  1. Mike says:

    2015! Man I am so blessed to have people like you around to always inspire and give that motivation that is needed even from the BIGGEST motivators!

    Thank you Keder, continued blessings!

  2. This is solid, yo! “Don’t wait for someone else to understand your million dollar idea in order for you to take action on it.”

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