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Hey, It's crazy how many Entrepreneurs think that it's so hard to create cashflow to invest in their online business... most people don't even know where to start because the internet looks like a whole complicated giant web that can be tangled up... And for some who manage to figure out how to get started it's a struggle to sustain because of lack of funds... 


Look, the internet making money online game is an open filed, anyone can come in and play but in order for you to succeed you have to learn the rules of game. Your attitude will determine your altitude. The key to success is to constantly surround yourself with knowledge and people that will push you to the next Level... And commit to becoming successful. In the ultimate cash flow process i breakdown a formula to create cash out of what you already know...


When it comes to business,  for your first investment, most of the times you have to rely on your job if you have one, a loan from family, girlfriend, the bank or neighbor but once you in you gain some knowledge your main focus should always be how i can Import to Export. Whatever you have learned you can go do it, while in the process, teach it to someone else and charge them the same price you paid for it.


This is the fastest way to establish cashflow,
Import to Export...
The more you learn, the more valuable you become to your market, while your value grow so will be the amount of cash you can charge for the information that is being exported from you in the form of a product... can be cd, mp3, website, course, data, some type of service.


Increase your value



The cool part about increasing your value is that you can start charging premium price for your expertise as you become better at your craft... Make a decision to not be average, and your prospects will not be reluctant to invest in your product.


Leverage your intelligence; the more you start learning you want to double production, giving some info for free and selling the rest. Leverage the power of creating something once but having the ability to sell it over and over again to thousands of customers...


Take it to the NEXT Level by becoming the problem solver. To do this you must determine what your market and competitor is unwilling to do and do it. Once you know how to do it well and perfect it, create more cashflow for your business by teaching it to your competition but at price. Always be the person asking questions with an open mind of how you can solve the problem for the group.


A little Tip: The Faster You learn to take action the faster you start seeing results. 


I created a product called celebrity X-Factor, i literally learn the info in about 72 hours, after 48 hours of implementation i had discover a few secret with facebook marketing that helped me generated 1000 leads in less than 10 minutes. Next day I took 3 hours and put the product together which i sold over 200 copies at $179 you do the math...


The Key is to be willing to take action fast on what you already know or what you learn that will enable you to create cash flow the fastest in your business...





Make Today a Positive Day...

Keder Cormier... 


Posted on Sep 14, 2015 - Last updated on Oct 20, 2015

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