Creating A Successful Online Sales Training 


Creating an online training is an amazing process and very rewarding
when you do it right... There's many different layouts to do one
But I'm gonna share with you what has been working for me...

Once you understand this formula and how it works you can be on your way to crush it on the internet and creating your own online training. Also this doesn't have to be just for sales you can do it in other markets also...



SO Let's Begin...





1. Motivation: First thing your training program needs to do is to motivate and inspire others to go out there and take action on the information that's being shared with them. Many people like to focus on content, or just get to the point, but without the key factor and excitement to produce, the information shared will be useless. As an instructor you want to emphasize on motivation and block out the pressure of hurry.


2. Easy To Consume: Keep your modules short and to the point. Our world today is more active and fast paste than ever. People are always looking for the fastest but efficient version of things. Most people rather watch a 5 mins video than read a 200 pages book. The more concise you can be in your delivery the easier it will be on consummation by your students.


3. Identify The Problems: Spend some times in the field to identify the problems that your market is suffering from. You can do that by surveying people in that particular market or just by going around and see what issues are being faced by your market. Write them down so you know exactly what solutions you are working towards and how can you deliver it to them the fastest.


4. Provide the Solutions: Your Product must focus on providing the solutions that you went out or experienced now bringing it back with easy implementation strategies. Step by Steps guide are usually one of the best ways to get people engage in learning and soaking in the information.


5. Focus On Results: Even if your training is the bomb, focusing on results and testimonials of others accomplishing success in your specific field of action will only intensify the power of what you are teaching. Keep pushing to get others who are implementing your formula to stay consistent in order to create results and with these results comes testimonials that your process is SANE 🙂 .


6. Expanding: This is a BONUS Tip. After you create a training keep in mind that you will have customers who don't like your training there has not been a perfect product because it's humanly made, but focus on what is amazing about your product, focus on the customers who are finding massive value, and keep expanding. Make it your goal for everyone on this planet to experience your product.


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Posted on Oct 5, 2015 - Last updated on Oct 20, 2015
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  1. Corey says:

    Another great post full of value, appreciate it Keder!

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