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Closing sales In Your Online Business 

Do you struggle with Closing sales in your online business?  If your answer is Yes
I want you to pay attention to this training, I will cover 5 key points that can help you
close more sales in your online business.

But Just Before I share These 5 Key Points with you which are in the Video Below

let me cover one part of this training that is really essential for your success...

The first key component to closing sales is Exposure to your Prospect.. 


max-business-profitIf you anything like me one of the primary reasons you don't get as much exposure

to as many people as you can is because of Lack of Confidence or Fear of Rejection.

And the Reason for that is maybe because you feel that you don't have a way to sell them

when they come up with objections to why they can't purchase your product or service.



What if you had a Step by Step you can walk them through to go for the sale? 
that's exactly what i share with you below


5 Tips on: How To Close Sales In Your Online Business 

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Tip 1: Neutralize Your Prospects Fear
When you do that, you level yourself to the level of your prospect and putting yourself in the same side as them but with the intention of bringing them on your side.
Example would be: "I understand your Fear, Because I have been in the same exact shoes you are in right now,
But i had to make a decision or things would have remained the same."


Tip 2: Confirm their Needs and Concerns
Let's say you was selling a coaching product to a client and they say "It's too expensive, I can't afford it"
So at this step, the questions can be, "is price the only concern to why you cannot come up with the money?"

You want to make sure that you can take care of any concerns they might have before you go for the sale.


Tip 3: Question their Emotional States
When you are closing sales in your online business or any type of business keep that in mind
Most purchases and transactions are done based on Emotions,
So ask question to figure out What Emotional State your Prospect is in..


Tip 4: Reframe Your Offer
After you know their emotional States and the concern of your prospect while Fear has been neutralize
It's Time for you to reframe your offer, maybe this time offer them a payment plan if you are doing coaching,
if you own the product maybe give them a discount, Or an Incentive that comes with what you have to offer.


Tip 5: Re-Ask For the Sale
In this step of selling, use the power of persuasion to get your prospect on your side, seeing your service in your lens,
there will see the value and ready to do whatever it takes to get with you.

In the beginning of my career in my Internet marketing business,
I use to follow step 1-4 but was always afraid to Re-ask for the sales
because i was rejected so many times, but when i started to follow tip 5 everything changed.


This was 5 tips on how to close sales in your online business you can use now...
But if you want to understand how to get leads and sales get in The Marketing Training Buffet



Thank you For Reading,
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Posted on Mar 10, 2015 - Last updated on Mar 10, 2015
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