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O Boy It's MONDAY...

Most people hate Mondays.. My dad use to call it the day of the dead
because most people would be excited on the week-end
And once Monday Gets here they become a zombie...

Thinking about the job, the stressful co-workers, the traffic to commune.

If your business has not create enough income for you to quit your job
You need to have a mentor 

But The real issue is : How do to choose the right mentor ?




Choosing a mentor online can be something of difficult nature
Since we are living in the information world
And it's so easy for everyone to just portrait themselves as a mentor...

But if you want to be successful
You want to make sure you align yourself with the Real deal.

So Be Sure To Watch the Marketplace with a observant eyes
Look for the people who's got a track record of success.
There's a difference, between a coach and a mentor.
A coach can be someone with just the knowledge of what to do but may or may not have done
What he's teaching, meanwhile
A mentor would be someone who's actively doing what he's teaching you.



Reasons To Choose The Right Mentor

1: Fast Track To Success: Having a mentor allow you not to be a pioneer
you can just grab the right information from them and implement
the part that works and disregard what didn't work.

2: Guide When You Stuck: Many times i call my mentor on the phone
to ask for guidance, because I'm stuck, I don't which way to go
and more likely i get out with a clear vision.

You need someone in your corner who can focus on helping you
clear the path when it gets foggy...

3: Help You Believe In Yourself: Most of the time success is more about believing
what you can do vs actually doing it.
Once you get the belief part down, doing it becomes easy.
The right mentor will always believe in your Vision no matter how HUGE it gets.

4: Ideas: Talking with a mentor will help you formulate ideas
Or bring the ideas that you have already to life.
And some Ideas are worth millions never wasted it.


What To Do When You Have A Mentor... 

After you get the right mentor, you need to make sure
That you consume all sorts information they have from books, to courses, to audios .
Be an Action taker and implement the stuff they are teaching you.

Forget about doing it my way...
If they have the results that you want, obviously your way
Wasn't working...

Let go of all pride and follow the instructions.



Commit to the Process for at least 90 Days  

Now most people mistakenly believe just because they have a mentor
they will automatically succeed the next day...

You cannot Escape the GRIND
I repeat: You cannot Escape the GRIND

Set a side the Next 90 Days
To new knowledge, new connections, new data,
And application of what's learn...

Just like I teach my coaching students in the my KC 6 Figures Coaching Class 
Success doesn't happen overnight
But if you know the process you can follow it every time...





Thank you For Reading,
Please leave A Comment below if you found VALUE or have questions... 

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Posted on Aug 17, 2015 - Last updated on Oct 20, 2015
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  1. pierre jean says:

    i want you to be my mentor

  2. Corey says:

    Great blog brother, I am definitely glad I hired Jermaine to guide me in the right way!

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