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Building Self-Confidence in Your Online Business

So you got started in this whole online marketing, making money online, work from home industry and you are not feeling too confident about your business or what you do, but you know if you are going to be successful in your business you will need to have self-confidence to sell yourself, your business, and your VISION.

The question rise up... How Can I build self confidence in my online business?

let's take care of it...

Self confidence is something that you will need to develop, that is the case for most people, so trust me you are not the first one, I use to be in the same boat, but I applied some of the principles i shared below to overcome my low self-CONFIDENCE Level...


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Keys To Develop Confidence In Your Online Business

Be A Front Seater: 
With this although I mean it literally but it means a lot more than just seating in the front of the room even though that can be applied if you to a marketing event or class for your development, But in our case always be willing to talk about your business about what you do and how it can help somebody else. If you have the chance to share your opportunity don't be afraid to be the first one that speaks...


Be A Product of the PRODUCT:
Learn and use the product that you have in your hands so that you are not just selling stuff... Your Job just become a lot easier when you take time to understand and learn your product...


Be Willing To Work On your Mindset:
If you have been in the industry of internet marketing you will know that MINDSET training is the first recommend training if you are going to be successful. Confidence has everything to do with your mindset.
Unfortunatly most people are their own worst enemy, even when they are getting better at their craft.

A friend of mine told me once..
"Hey Keder you have to learn to receive compliments or when you do something good"

If someone said "You did a great job" the wrong mindset answer would be "No it ain't all that anyone could do it" ūüôĀ

What kind of performance would your car deliver if every morning before you left for work you scooped a double hand-ful of dirt and put it into your crankcase?


The Wrong Mindset in the Long run will CRUSH your self confidence in your online business.
You end up Committing Mental Suicide.

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Taking Risk

Risk taking allow you to improve your self confidence, because you will develop a skill-set during risk taking that others who likes to play it safe will not have.
But be smart about it, some risk are not worth taking, still look for the opportunity to risk it all on the line.
The confidence in your business will not be during the risk taking time but when you look back at it you will thank yourself and become more confident for the next situation.

I remember when i left school 3 months before graduation to go into my online business full time, it was a BOLD Decision and high risk but it was so worth it. Taking Risk will Increase Your Self Confidence . 



Self-Confidence is Addictive

Self-Confidence is addictive, once you establish it in one aspect of your life it's easier to transfer to other parts since it is the same principle. Practice make PERFECT  "Repetition is the mother of all skills"
If you go through the process over and over you will become better at it,

that applies for any skillset you are trying to develop confidence in, including your online business.

5 Keys To Develop Confidence 





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Posted on Oct 22, 2014 - Last updated on Oct 22, 2014
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  1. You’re totally right about self confidence. It’s a MASSIVE part of it!!

  2. Aisha says:

    Self confidence is key to becoming a great leader in the game. Great post Keder

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