How To Build Authority In Your Business? 

Let's take for example, Who do you see as authority in Your LIFE...
It's just a simple as answering this question for yourself...

We look at people like our mother, father, pastor, teachers ect
As authorities in our lives, and the reason why is because
they pour into your life, you look up to them for guidance and knowledge...

It is something that we learn since a little child,
We learn to respect our mother, father, teachers and authority figures in our lives
We learn to trust them and take suggestion from them...

You can Use the same model
to build authority and make more sales in your online business... 

The simple way to do that, is to be pouring in others lives...

I love sales online 2



The Formula To Build Influence In Your Business

   1. Provide Value  

There's many ways you can use to do that,

Always be sure to be learning and sharing...

Some ways you can do that...

  • make Youtube Videos (instructional, marketing, lifestyle, training)
  • Blogging (you can use your blog as your main home center for training)
  • Create PDFs for your team and others that can help them grow business...
  • Learn new training and concepts then teach it to others...


2. Get Testimonials

When you are able to provide value to others,
You can ask them to create some type of testimonial for you
Like I have here at my coaching page 

That will help you build your portfolio long term,
So the more you can help others
the more testimonial you will gather...


3. Create A Brand 

Creating Your Own Brand will give you the ability to sell multiple stuff Long Term,
what do i mean by creating your own brand?

You want all your stuff to be totally branded to you
Not any company that you are promoting...

If you are part of a company and they provide capture pages to all their reps
Video, Funnels, emails ect, more likely will get saturated
Because all their reps are using them...

This is where you come in and create your own...
I use a system call Click Funnels which you can TRY FREE 
To create my own funnels for any business...





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Posted on Apr 16, 2015 - Last updated on Apr 16, 2015
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2 Responses to “How To Build Authority & Make More Sales in Your Online Business”
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  1. lucie says:

    I am just starting, and am already gaining some authority. (questions in my inbox and requests for advice etc.) it feels great. Video is my weakness. No matter how happy I am I always sound so tired. I’m stepping up my game!

    • corked22 says:

      Hey Lucie I use to hate my voice too on video, but as I make more of them i realize that people don’t really care for how I sound or else they would be listening to Chris Brown or Usher instead lol 🙂

      But what they really want is the message you are sharing, so pay no mind to it and neither they will,

      So let’s goooo
      you got this…

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