How To Build A Business Online... 

Building a Business Online Will take the work of not just yourself for it to be successful long term, but it will take the help of people who sees the vision in order for you to make it all the way to your goal...
  "Your Dream has to be so BIG That you can't carry it out on your own..."
I'm going to cover some Points for you in this BLOG That will help YOU deploy your BIG VISION.

First watch this VIDEO 


You need to findout exactly what you want? and what you going to do to get there...
The right mindset is always the first thing you will need to become successful in building a business online.

Knowing what you want in your head is NOT Enough; Best advice is to Write down your goal on a piece of paper and revise it daily.
When you are really precise into what you want, you can go to work to achieve it...


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2. Have a Daily Action Plan

Findout 8-10 tasks that you can do for your online business daily. I will break down my daily action plan for you here... I usually plan it out for the whole 7 days in the week instead of doing it for one day...

My Daily Action
- Wake up in the Morning Read Bible and Pray for 15mins Action plan to do
- Post Marketing Ads for 30mins
- Read for 30 mins of inspirational or training
- Write a BLOG POST
-Write and send out email
-BLOG POST Syndication
-Set up tools and software
-Start Paid marketing Campaing 

This is what my daily routine looks like, but it change day to day...
The good thing with having a daily routine, it's like a track to you of what you need to do...


 3. Invest In Yourself and Your Business

Learn to Invest in your business and Yourself ... Notice i said invest not Reinvest...
Many people that i speak with have the mentality that I will reinvest in my business when I make MONEY.
It's the MINDSET For Failure.

It's going to require some money, and some of your time to make your online business work, eventhough it's computer it's not going to make it self successful...
But keep in mind that you only need to learn the basic once, just like anything else; once you know it you can do it over and over and become more and more successful with it...


4. Surround Yourself With People of the SAME MIND

Build a Business Online

I happen to be in this picture with 2 of my family members who catches the VISION i have
But i'm going to keep it real and frank with you...
Most of your friends and your family members won't originally support your ideas and your dream if they are too BIG for their norm or expectation, that's when it's time for you to get a circle of people who believes in Your Dream and will help you push yourself to the NEXT LEVEL...

NEVER Pride to be the smartest person in your circle or the most successful person...

Get a Circle where you can learn and GROW...

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Posted on Oct 13, 2014 - Last updated on Oct 13, 2014
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  1. qamar says:

    thanks keder that was so helpful comments from you and your team of people and your vision to be succesful in your business you are trulya leader i really appreciate you
    talk soon

  2. Man you are dishing out the value here. That daily action plan is right on… and your site looks great 🙂

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