I'm laughing writing this piece of content for you...
Because it's a very controversial type of marketing
Some leaders says Heck go for it, Some Says You are Doomed if you do... lol 🙂

Well truth in the making,
I wanted to be frank with you in this blog,

And show you my results and how i do,
What i think of it, and you can feel free to comment your opinions below...


Does Facebook Group Posting Works? Watch my Results and You Decide.. 

The Gray Areas of Facebook Group Posting? 

It's Spammy To Post in Hundred to Thousands of Groups? : 

Some people cary that opinion which is most often pass down from other in the making money online industry

So they fell that doing it is annoying and it's spammy...

My take on this, if you going to add value to the group you post in? GO FOR IT


The way I go about posting in Facebook groups is to provide value to my target market

By either sharing a video or take them to a blog post like this one

where you can train them, and turn them into raving fans of your content.


You will find out that if you just post your business links in Facebook groups

It's not as effective as everyone is posting over each other with either the same opportunity or a different one.



This is How You Can Make Countless of Sales From Facebook GROUP

First You need to make sure you have a Facebook Account,
Pesonally if you are an internet marketer you don't have a Facebook account
You are currently loosing a lot of money and a lot of potential prospects and customers.

I would hurry to and open and account NOW...

Without forgetting to mention it is FREE to get an account with Facebook,
That will enable to increase your customer interaction.

Start by Logging in your account

Type in the Graph Search Bar on top of Facebook, Be sure to target keywords according to your niche
In the one below i show you the "make money online" niche,
ignore all the results and go all the way at the bottom

facebook training, does facebook group posting works


After you click on the Search Icon at the bottom,
Facebook will give you more option, click on that
And select the groups option...

Once you select groups,
It will give you many Facebook groups in regards to your keyword
that you can Click JOIN to JOIN them...

Facebook training part 2


Selecting Wining Groups

When you are requesting to JOIN groups where you can post your contents and get more exposure
Be sure you check to see if the group is allowing is OPEN or CLOSED

OPEN Groups: in these groups you are allowed to join without having to wait to be approve on your request....
these groups are usually less strick and more allowing to post your contents...

CLOSED Groups: in these groups you have to request approval and the admin have to let you in the group,
these groups are usually more strick so you want to scheme through the group first and
see what types of contents that people are posting and are they getting engagements from that.


What's NEXT? 
This is where you make the magic happen...
If you going to use this strategy, remember, you only need the exposure, you are not looking to make any sales from your post, so no attachment to results from there...

After you Join hundreds of groups...
You can post your blogs, video and free give away contents in there,
That will help you brand yourself among your peers...

Once you do that they become raving fans of your contents
Then it's easy for them to ask you what they can buy from you...


My Results With This Strategy...
I have used this strategy to make over 15 extra sales a month
Also it's the era of social media,
Even though some people will not read your full content, they like it, and that social interaction is GOLD in the eyes of Google for authority...


Facebook Group Posting Automation

I use this Cool Facebook Autoposter HERE you can check them out
Which allow me to post in hundreds of group at once...




If you wrote some amazing contents it is worth being seen,
So don't be afraid or not sharing it is actually selfish of YOU...





Thank you For Reading,
Please leave A Comment below if you found VALUE or have questions


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Posted on Apr 3, 2015 - Last updated on Apr 3, 2015
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