My Thoughts On Affiliate Marketing Vs Product Creation


How To Make Affiliate Marketing Profitable...

Affiliate marketing is the easiest way to start making money online,

there are many reasons for this...

1. You don't have to create the Products that you are promoting 

2. You can get from 50% even to 100% of the money from some vendors.. 

3. You can Win Prizes during Contest 


If you want to get products to become affiliates of,

I recommend sites like JVZOO.COM and CLICKSURE.COM 



There are so many other websites that you can use

but these are the most popular ones and i use them daily...


This is very easy for any Newbie Internet Marketer...

But if you are intermediate or Expert, here's one advise that will quadruple your sales...


Create a Bonus Page when you are selling an Affiliate Product

Specially if the product is going bananas,

by overdeliverying you will end up making more sales...





Now Let's Look at Product Creation...

You become the boss when you get to the level of creating your own product (s)


Don't Let that Intimate you, I had no clue myself

When I created my first product...

Let me walk you through the steps...


1. You need to have something that you can sell ( that include anything from a skillset that you have for info product

to a physical product that's gonna be mailed out...


2. Map out the Product (creating contents for it, videos, pdf, blogs, ect)


3. JV Partners (For you product to be most effective you want to reach out to other people with list to promote for you)

That part will also require an affiliate page (which you can get designed)


4. Host product (platforms like Jvzoo, clickbank, clicksure)


Offcourse there's a lot more that goes into product creation

If you want to create Your own Product and don't know how to do it...


Apply For my Coaching by Clicking HERE i have Product Creation Coaching there





Here's The Difference of Pay Between me being a Product Owner and Affiliate

Jvzoo 12 and 7 Sales

Although I made money promoting Affiliates products

But the fact that I'm also a seller I get more sales

And still make money, even when an affiliate makes a sale.









Affiliate Marketing Vs Product Creation which one is Better?

According to my argument they are both great and both amazing...

although being an affiliate will help you make money

long term you want to create your own product...


Thanx For reading....


I hope this was helpful...


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Posted on Jun 6, 2015 - Last updated on Jun 6, 2015
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