Don't Mess Around And Close The Sale

So many people are spending a lot of time selling
But very few understand the patterns to close high ticket sales daily
whether on the phone, a webinar or a Live presentation these rules will make
an amazing difference in your closing rate.


The internet is filled with people that has amazing skill sets
they are also well equipped with some of the most amazing products;
their presentation is beyond impeccable but when it comes to asking for the sale
they choke even after a massive presentation...


Here's 5 Rules to closing high ticket sales (get the rest of the 5 in my ultimate cash flow process course) 

















1. Get Attention 
Without your prospects attention it is almost sure that you will not get the sale,  keep in mind that even before you can satisfy a client needs with your current service or product you must get them to notice you.
You do that by simply ask the client to give you 15mins of their full attention.



2. Always Find Out What The Prospects ULTIMATE GOAL 
A decision taken on what the client wants will always be an easier close
versus what you want... In a Negotiation the party in favor must be
the one with the need.

By providing a solution to help them resolve their problem
and reach their ultimate goal coming i for the close.



3. Relatable Experiments 
This one rule is major and it will be one key factor to become a BEAST
when it comes to closing the sale.
This will require you to keep tab on your current customers, knows their stories,
and how much success have they earn utilizing your service or product.


That strategy allow you to filter any doubts from your customers mind,
by letting them know that, you have such and such current or previous clients
with almost a similar story to his that have accomplished exactly what he's looking for.


4.  Features & Benefits 

I learn this concept from a mentor who has been crushing the game in sales.
To elevate your customers expectations, keep them in the clear with the features
that makes your product amazing, but full focus on the benefits....

Customers buy with the intent of knowing what they are investing in
will be massively beneficial for their advancement.



5.  Don't Get Choked... ASK FOR THE MONEY 

This is where a lot of people turn back.
In my new course the Ultimate Cash Flow Process 
I show you how to ask for the money....

It doesn't matter how much of a solid presentation you have,
or how amazing your product could be,

If you don't ask for the money and close the sale
you just waste your time and your potential customers time
they leave with same problem they came to you with,
and you left with the same problem you came in the situation with "Not Closing the SALE"




Make Today an AMAZING Day...

Keder Cormier... 


Posted on Sep 28, 2015 - Last updated on Oct 20, 2015
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