These 5 Tips To Help Your Grow Your Business in 2015


IMG_2437Man it's been an awesome day... 

After my wife and i had twins girls, whom i'm very excited about; we are finally going back home,

We was very privilege to stay at our in-laws

So that we can learn the proper way to take care of the twins...

But this post is really not about that...

I want to give you some good tips that you can use in your online business...

These 5 tips will help you convert sales like crazy... 


I have been able to make a tons of commissions almost most of it on automation

Using these same formulas while i have been away...


5 Online Marketing Tips:


1-Selling Through Funnel

Selling through Funnel simply means taking whatever you are selling to an extra step

that most of your competition will not, for that reason if you take the time to do it

You will increase 50% more sales most of the time...

For example, if you are part of company XYZ,

that company will give you an affiliate link to promote...

   Instead of going out there and blast that link all over Facebook, (which i did in the past n gain little result)

Concentrate on Setting up a capture page specific to that company,

create a 2-3 minutes video of yourself explaining your offer,

Then follow up with a sequence of Reason why your product is needed by your prospect and how they can benefit from it...



Once you set that up,

Drive massive traffic, then the money $$$ will start flowing...


2-  Give Away Bonuses

When you are selling a product that is being advertise by more than just you

You need something that will make you stand out

 "Why should i buy from you when i can buy from my friend Jo instead" 


When I apply this principle, i had people flocking my inbox to buy from me

Even though the opportunity was presented to them by a friend or someone else they trust,

But they wanted the bonuses i offer... I call it "Two for one marketing"


It's like going to Wall-mart just to buy Cereal with MILK

but you ended up coming out with cheese and eggs ect, because there was a SPECIAL

If Big companies are doing it, Why Not YOU...


At THE BUFFET , I show you how to create a BONUS Page... 


3- Create a Central Hub

It's easier than it sounds,

Here are some activity you can create as a HUB for your Team...

  • Private Facebook Group (to share value and information
  • Team Site
  • Facebook Chat (they have access to others on the team 
  • A Call (You can have a daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly call)

So many People will want to join your business just because

you took the time invest in their Growth...

they know they are not just joining a company when they join you...



4. Educate Before The Sale 

If you want your sales to come easy and on much automation as possible

Make your funnels more about Education than it is about selling...

People are being sold all day long on the NEXT HOT DEAL,


If you take things one step further to educate them, they will see you as the Authority Figure in their lives

And at the moment selling becomes easy,


This is a principle we have been learning through out all our lives...

We see people who teaches as authority in our lives right?

Since in school, our Teachers have much authority and their presence just command Respect...


So use these 4 Steps of Knowledge to take Your Business to the Next Level...

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5- Don't Be Afraid To Ask For the MONEY 

So many times I see people do great presentations, do awesome videos,

Write amazing blog post, but when it comes to asking for the money you get SCARED...

I use to be the same Way...


See my main purpose for writing this blog, is to EDUCATE YOU

But I Know I can help you a Lot Better When You Get My Personal Coaching 

Or when you Get around our More In-deep Training inside the Marketing Training BUFFET 


So you Should get in either one of them...


But For now...


Thank you For Reading, Please leave A Comment below 


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Posted on Jan 19, 2015 - Last updated on Jan 19, 2015
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  1. Angela says:

    Great tips! You are correct in saying that you have to educate before a sale. I, myself, am more likely to purchase something from a person who have the knowledge of the product or service that I am seeking before I will purchase from someone just selling to me for the purpose of a sale. If you show interest in the person, they will respond according.

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