How Long Have you been Building Your Online business?

When I first started on the Internet it took me a while to make big Commissions in my business

I want to  teach you in this blog the EXACT Formula that I use Daily

to create $10,000 day in my online business

Keder Cormier n Sherly


Here's My Full Story Really

When I first started my online businesss i was going to school

to become a nurse and it was crazy tough for me to study nursing

at the same time business...


I got to a point in my life I had to make a choice

whether i should keep going with Nursing or focus on my online business Full time...

Now at that time i was only making about $100-200 a day from a simple process which i teach in The Marketing Training Buffet


So I quit School 3 months before Graduation

Now many of my family and friends was mad at me for doing that,

But I wanted to have full FREEDOM and a degree wasn't gonna do it for me.

so i quit.



Was it Hard?

I'm not gonna lie to you this was the hardest and the easiest thing i ever had to do.

There was days i was confuse, because there was so much information on the internet to make money online

I kinda left the first way i was making money and it became hard to focus,,,


then I had a massive breakthrough when i came with a product call CL Traffic BANANAS

And i was bless and also shocked that little product made me my first $100,000 month...

Although it was great money but it was in pieces of $67 so it takes a while after the momentum went by to make $5,000  day...


Until One day I met a mentor who change my life and INCOME call Alex Jef...

He showed me exactly how to make $10,000 a day

which was mind blowing to me...



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If you watch this FREE Training Above You Can Make $10,000 Day

I promise you Your Life will Never Be the same again...

Your money will never Be The Same...



Is it Worth it? 

Well well 🙂 Let me tell you a quick Story:

When I first Started my online business,

I started to go on webinars that other mentors was doing.


What I saw is that most of the presenters they use MAC computers

and they are amazing (but offcourse I couldn't afford one)

I came up with a plan, I went to Best Buy and bought a Dell computer for about $300


Then Every 30 Days I would and exchange for something higher price

Because my plan was to buy a Mac computer which was $1,400 at time,

I was tired of going to the Mac Store and just starring at these babies....


I was using the money I was making in my business for this project.

When i got to a computer that was $800

I went to the Library with it one day, Left it for a minute to go the restroom...


Came back and computer was...

there goes my dream LOL 🙂

But that wasn't gonna slow me down, I went back to the VISION


So I had my first Breakthrough online and went to the MAC Store

Bought the most expensive computer in there cash...


Really What I mean in this story is

No matter what Obstacle you Face never Lose The VISION

You can Lose things, people, but NEVER Lose the VISION....



It's Truly Worth it my friend...


That's it for me...

hope this inspires you...


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Thank you For Reading,
Please leave A Comment below if you found VALUE or have questions... 



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Posted on Jun 13, 2015 - Last updated on Jun 14, 2015
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  1. Great information Keder!

  2. travis says:

    this was some great content Keder, very informative. Thank you

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