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Watch This Free Training I hosted a Couple of Day Ago

4 Steps For Massive Breakthrough In Your Online Business

In this webinar above I talk about the Major 4 Steps to have Massive

I will give you a quick synopsis in this blog here

But if you want the full details be sure to watch the webinar above...


Also be sure to take action after the webinar

by going to to get in the 8 Weeks...




If you going to win online and influence others,

You have to become an expert

and a leader...


The best way to do that is to become a teacher

through product creation

and info consummation...


Findout what it is that you are good at

And create a product around whatever area of expertise you have.

If you need help with product creation no worries i got you go to my coaching page




Now How do you get Free Traffic?

Unless you live in New-York City and in a rush to get through the street traffic...

lol, just kidding 🙂


But Really In order for you to get Free Traffic you need to get it from people who own Traffic

Before you can own Traffic Yourself...


The People who have Traffic, they build a Huge List of people

that they can communicate with on a daily basis

Your job is to convince them to promote your product for you.


So how do you that?

Give them most or all of the money they make on sales


recommendation to give between 50%-100% of the money away


Email Marketing





Above is an example of owning traffic...

I sent out an email a couple of day ago to a new list of subscribers that I'm building

And 1,849 open the email while over 1000 people click on the link


Now just imagine if it was your product that i sent them

Even if your product was converting at 1% you would end up making 10 Sales...

that's the power of an affiliate with a responsive email list who can give you free TRAFFIC....





  - List Building TOOLS

Eventually in the long run you want to build your own List...

And here are some of the tools you need in addition to having your own product to do that...


Autoresponder: I personally use Aweber,

there are many other good ones out there, but that's the one i use and recommend...

It will allow you to store all your leads and message them all at once...


Funnel Creator: I personally use Clickfunnels

Reason I didn't say capture page creator is because

Click funnels allow you to create it all from capture page, to sales page, webinar, upsell page, affiliate pages ect...




- Bank Account

Well well that part you know i don't even have to explain to you

Because you know what you need it for...



Be sure to watch the whole Webinar Above for the Full Scoop






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Thank you For Reading,
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Posted on Jun 11, 2015 - Last updated on Jun 11, 2015
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  1. Great information Keder. Thanks for the ebook!

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