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Want To Have Success Online Now? 

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Taking Massive Imperfect Action 

When you first start with your online business or anything in life

You will not any competency in it, but remember everyone start out the same way.

Be up for the challenge and take massive action regardless of the results.


Be Willing To Fail 

They once ask Michael Jordan what what the secret to why he was so Good

And he said it's because he was willing to fail more than anyone else...

The key is to be willing to fail because you will learn through the failure...



Here are Some Tasks If you are building a business Online 

Keep in mind if you going to win i want you to go Fail at these task

Do them over and over again

And it 3 months You will be in a brand new place.


  1.  Create Weekly Webinars to showcase your product, teach and give value 
  2. Create Facebook Ads to Attract more customers 
  3. Build a Blog and Post on it 3 to 5 times a week 
  4. Create Videos to grow your presence online 
  5. Create Your First product 


Beach on Dawn


      Stay Ready So you don't Have To Get Ready

You Never know the exact moment when Opportunity is Going to knock on Your Door

Just like I Explain in the video Above

How I went to Denver and my Mentor Jermaine Steele told me

"Hey there's a Camera crew here, do you want to shoot a video for your Product"



Boom that One Video Helped us to have our first 6 Figure month online...


So the key is always stay open to growth...




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